In December of 2004, Inspo added another creature to its menagerie, Xena, Warrior Donkey. Xena started out as the kernel of a business venture between Belinda and her niece, Erin. "Erin, I'll spring for the donkey and you'll be in charge of training and getting her ready for sale", said Aunt Belinda. "Great idea, Aunt of the Year", said Erin. "We'll take her to a show and someone will fall in love with her and we'll make a profit. Then, we can buy one or two more and soon we'll be wealthy beyond our wildest dreams".
(It should be noted here that I was out of town when this venture was hatched.)
But enough about me.
Everything went as planned. Xena was cute, brilliant and small enough to get a special rate (free) from the shipper. We arrived in Florida and got ready for the first show at Fox Lea Farm. Xena had learned to jump through Hula Hoops, lead like a champ and was generally irresistible. Sure enough, people were drawn to her like flies to honey. An offer was made (yes, there was sufficient profit in the deal to qualify the experiment as a modest success), and the plan looked golden.
Until, of course, Belinda and Erin realized what was about to happen. They looked at each other in horror, and called the deal off. You guessed it; Xena was now a member of the family and likely will never leave our care. The good news is, that donkeys are easy keepers. The bad news is, that the darned things live forever. Belinda may be changing her will at any moment.

As you can see by the pictures, Xena has an amazing effect on people.

Donkey Love... Is It Wrong?

Welcome to my World

If you would like to have a Xena of your own, please give us a call. Just please promise that you will come pick up your ass quickly, before "someone" gets too attached.

Janni, the wily Aussie keeper, was there to make the save, as the match ended in a hard fought nil-nil draw.
Stay tuned for more exciting action, as Xena attempts her famous Hoof of God scoring play.

Luckily, the horn sounded for half-time.

Things got ugly as the match resembled England v Argentina

Late in the match, Xena lined up one of her famous right hind cannon shots, but......

Xena took command early

Janni showed some skill early in the tackle

   Xena was our first miniature donkey, and we left a couple of old posts up, just to explain her story and show how many people she has touched with her insatiable personality. It took a while to find her soul-mate, but finally we found Sally Brown, who seemed to meet Xena's standards. Since then Sally Brown has had two foals... Sophie Brown and Twingo, and we have our fingers crossed that she is back in foal for 2016. Anyone who has not been around these amazing animals is truly missing something. They are smart, funny, loyal, and will put a smile on your face each and every day.


Xena and Janni Catch World Cup Fever

Every four years, over a billion of the world's most rabid sports fans (and approximately 27 Americans) celebrate the World Cup of Soccer. It's no different here at Inspo, where horses from Holland (hence the Orange headline above) listen for news of their home side's heroics. To help them get the soccer fix they crave, Janni and his faithful companion Xena played a spirited (and periodically ugly) game of voetbal in the front yard for the delighted fans. This legendary match took place shortly after we returned from Holland in '06 during the World Cup.

Return of the Prodigal Niece
When you read the story below, on the origins of donkeys at Inspo, you will see immediately that it would not be possible without Erin, who is not only Belinda’s niece, but her co-conspirator, co-enabler and overall partner in crime. Erin is now happily married and living the dream in New Zealand with her husband Jesse and daughter Aria, but for Xena nothing can dim her affection for Erin whenever she comes to visit. All she has to hear is Erin’s high pitched wail, “Donkeeee”, and it’s Game On.

Don't worry, all you "animal rights people", when Gigi is not here, we shave a small place on Xena so it's easier to keep her Nicorette patch on. Wouldn't want Xena to get the jitters until her co-enabler comes for a visit, would we? And as for the beer that she is sharing with Pierre, she may have chosen that brand to convince us that she is really a Dutch Warmdonk.

Sally Brown



Sophie Brown

After a full day of people pleasing behavior, what could be better than relaxing with old friends and a beer and a smoke on the deck?

Our Donkeys

  After what seemed like a very long wait, on May 23rd, Sally Brown brought Leroy Brown in to our lives. Meet the most funny, smart, adorable little guy ever!