Thirty four years ago, Jeanne Pakes wandered in to the barn looking for a summer grooming job. On July 2nd, 2016, we said our first and final good-bye. She fought a private, selfless battle with colon cancer, and lost the war.

  Few really got to know Jeanne, but those who did, will not deny her being one of the wittiest, funniest, most caring and dedicated human beings alive. Her day started with horses, and ended with horses... there was no 9-5, weekends, or holidays. It was whatever needed to be done, until it was done. She was my shotgun, my backbone, my confidante, and the most loyal friend I could ever know.

  I just can't imagine life without her.

  Godspeed, my friend. Take care of Herbie and Janni until I get there... and we'll ride again.


Pan American Games 2015

Germany 1983

Seoul Olympics 1988


  There has been too much traveling in the last couple of months to keep up with everything, so instead a brief outline. We were at the Regional Championships in Atlanta, and then I immediately left for Holland. I came back just in time to head to the National Finals in Kentucky, and two days later we set off on an epic vacation to New Zealand. We made it home just in time for the holidays, and tomorrow I head back to Holland in search of great horses! Just the way we like it!

Courtney O'Brien and Balado

Courtney O'Brien and Duque

Alex Dominguez and Etanga